Pathway to Sustainable Trading

Learn the correct way to trade!

Peking University, Beijing, China.
Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st of April 2019

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Step 1 Awareness
             Traders Typical Journey   
             Truth About Trading   
             Why 90% of Traders Lose

Step 2 Foundation – Universal Principles
             Money Management
             Curve Fitting & Data Mining


           Foundation – Trading Tools
             Traditional Tools
             New Tools
               Universal Indicator
               Universal Entry & Stop
               Universal Filter
               Universal Trend
               Universal Supp/Resist.
               Universal Cycle

Step 2 Foundation – Trading Tools cont.
               Development Strategy: UDB
               Development Strategy: UWB
               Measuring & Reviewing Universal Tools
                  Universal Indicator
                  Universal Entry & Stop
                  Universal Filter
                  Universal Trend
                  Universal Supp/Resist.
                  Universal Cycle


Step 3 Trade Plan
                   P1, P8 &  P24
               Systematic Strategies
                  Strategy 1 – Short-term Pattern 1
                  Strategy 2 – Short-term Pattern 2
                  Strategy 3 – Medium-term Pattern 1
                  Strategy 4 – Long-term Pattern 1

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The Truth About Trading
There are very few undeniable truths about trading. This is one. Many people attempt to trade and many people fail. Fact. Very few active traders over the long-term are profitable. Yes, they can have periods of profitability, however over the long-term they’re not. The world of active trading is an unforgivable universe of disappointment.

Regardless of traders’ conscious belief as to why they fail, whether it’s due to anxiety or a poor strategy, the result is the same.

They lose.

Regardless of their attempts to remedy their situation, whether it’s reading trading books, joining trading forums, asking others for advice or attending training programs, the result doesn’t change.

They lose.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the correct knowledge and tools anyone can learn to trade successfully. You just need the correct knowledge and tools.

I’m pleased to announce that I have been invited by Hongyuan Futures to present my Pathway to Sustainable Trading program at the Peking University, Beijing, China.

If you’d like to learn the proper way to become a successful trader, one who is not only profitable this year, but profitable in the years ahead, then you must attend my presentation.

In this exclusive weekend training program I, Brent Penfold, a 30 year veteran of the markets and author of the international best seller The Universal Principles of Successful Trading, will be pulling back the market’s veil to reveal how to become a profitable trader. A confident trader who is not only profitable this year, but in future years ahead.

Over an intensive 2-day weekend training program attendees will learn my pathway to sustainable trading.

What they’ll learn;

  • is not written in many books and
  • is not the sugar coated fantasy many books portray about trading.

What they’ll learn is the;

  • proper knowledge necessary to succeed and
  • proper tools for trading success.

Attendees will learn there are no short-cuts to profitability and that hard work is required to be successful.

I firmly believe anyone can become a successful trader if they follow a sensible program like my Pathway to Sustainable Trading course.

In my course I do not just discuss fully disclosed trading methodologies. Yes, I will be teaching strategies, however I will also be discussing much more. I feel traders require “context” before they can accept someone else’s strategies. With context they will understand where and why a methodology is designed and will more likely follow the strategy. So my objective is to take traders on a journey of discovery and understanding.

Discovery will enlighten traders as to the real reasons why so many traders struggle to succeed.

Understanding will reveal to traders what doesn’t work in trading and why and on the flip side what does work and why.

Over the 2-day training program attendees will learn the following;

Pathway to Sustainable Trading

Step 1  Awareness
Those who wish to trade will need to empty their minds of much of what they have already learnt and read about trading. It’s an unfortunate truth that the majority of trading books and trading education is littered with picture perfect charts and cherry picked trades that do not reflect the real world of volatile markets. They have to become aware that trading requires effort, doesn’t offer short-cuts and can be a source of great disappointment to the naive. It has to be eyes wide open.

Step 2  Foundation – Knowledge
Every trader needs to be fully cognizant of the universal principles of successful trading. They need to know the key pieces of market knowledge that all successful traders understand. Knowledge that is mandatory if one wishes to be successful where so many fail. Just like a house needs to be built upon a strong foundation so does a person’s trading career need to be built upon proper trading knowledge.

In this step attendees will learn all about the importance of;

  • Risk-of-ruin,
  • Expectancy,
  • Money Management,
  • Psychology,
  • Avoidance of curve-fitting and
  • Avoidance of data Mining

At this point of their journey attendees will have discovered the real reason why so many struggle to trade successfully, and contrary to what many trading books and trading educators will tell you, it’s not to do with your personal psychology!

Step 2 Foundation – Trading Tools
Technical Analysis is full of many tools that are designed to help the trader. Unfortunately not every tool is useful. To help attendees navigate their way through the complex world of technical analysis I will first discuss the strengths and weakness of traditional trading tools before revealing my proprietary Universal Tool Kit.

In this step attendees will learn;


  • Which indicators are the most popular.
  • Which individual indicator is used by more traders then any other.
  • Their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Which patterns are the most popular.
  • Their strengths and weaknesses.

The Universal Tool Kit
Attendees will then learn my proprietary trading tools;

  • Universal Indicator – The best there is!
  • Universal Entry
  • Universal Stop
  • Universal Filter
  • Universal Trend
  • Universal Support and Resistance
  • Universal Cycle

At this point of the course attendees will have a good understanding as to what doesn’t work in trading and why and what does work and why. At this stage of their journey they will be experiencing their own personal “light bulb” or “ha,ha” moment. :o)

Step 3 – Trade Plan
Once a trader has a solid foundation of proper trading knowledge its time to put it all together and develop an evidence and rule based trading strategy.

Strategy development commences with a review of the key attributes of winning strategies. I will take attendees through each key attribute so they become familiar with what’s important in a developing a trading strategy with a stable equity curve.

To demonstrate the correct approach to strategy development I’ll then create two trading methodologies from scratch only using the universal tools. These demonstration strategies will highlight the correct approach to minimizing the risk of curve fitting.

However attendees will not be learning only two strategies, but multiple strategies. A common mistake traders make is to focus on a single strategy trading a single market. Unfortunately it’s rare for a strategy to make money ever year, year in and year out on the same market as markets alternate between states of trending and choppiness over bull and bear market cycles. Successful traders know the benefit of diversification so they will trade multiple strategies over multiple timeframes over a portfolio of multiple but diverse markets.

Attendees will learn multiple timeframe systematic strategies to accommodate;

  • Short-term trading
  • Medium-tem trading and
  • Long-term trading

The short-term strategy will be ideal for people looking to trade the CSI index futures contract.

All the strategies, to avoid data mining, will be shown trading a diversified portfolio of markets including;

  • Currencies
  • Interest rates
  • Indices
  • Metals
  • Grains
  • Softs and
  • Meats

Each methodology will reveal an effective rule based trading strategy. Strategies with clear and precise rules on;

  • When to trade,
  • Where to enter,
  • Where to place stops and
  • Where to exit.

Step 4 – Execution
Execution is where theory converts to action. It’s where traders need to execute their trading according to their evidence and rule based trade plans. It’s where the rubber hits the road. It’s where the hand-to-hand combat starts. It’s where the excuses end. No more ifs or buts. There is no more time for scapegoating. It’s where the trader takes responsibility for themselves, their account balance and their destiny.

30 Years of Experience Shared Over 2 Days
If you are looking to restore your confidence and bring certainty back to your trading then this is one training program you cannot afford to miss. Take advantage of this exclusive training program to learn in 2-days much of what I have gained from 30 years of trading experience!

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