Universal Trader (Immediate-Term)

Universal Trader is a portfolio of diverse and complimentary trading models that include;

  • Key Level,
  • Key Breakout,
  • Key Swing and
  • Key Exhaustion.

Each model attempts to capture a different part of market structure.

Universal Trader can be traded over the immediate (1-3 days), short (5-7 days) or medium-term (20-30 days).

Please review how combining diverse but complimentary strategies smooths the equity curve, dampening drawdowns while boosting efficiency and risk/reward payoffs.

[Note: At times individual models can generate trades on the same day in the same direction. When this occurs Universal Trader will remove the duplicate trade while keeping the signal that triggered first. Removing duplicate trades has the effect of reducing the accumulative profit of the combined strategies, i.e. Universal Trader’s results. ]

To learn Universal Trader you will need to purchase individual copies of Key Level, Key Breakout, Key Swing and Key Exhaustion. Please visit the SHOP for details.