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Introductory Course

The Truth About Trading

Learn the difference between what does and what doesn’t work in trading!

Hi Brent,

Universal Indicators Really Work.

Over the last 2 days I watched your "The Truth About Trading" course and I coded up your Universal Indicators [Universal Tool Kit] and added them to a couple of my own systems, and they really work!

I took one of my systems that had 7 parameters and I replaced a few rules with your Universal Indicators and was able to reduce the parameters in the system down to just 3, and the system worked even better and I can guarantee it is more robust now.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge.

I also just got your book Universal Tactics of Successful Trend Trading and am excited to read it.

Thanks again.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: My Second Intermediate Course – Pathway to Sustainable Trading
Please note my second intermediate course; Pathway to Sustainable Trading includes all the material presented in my introductory Truth About Trading program + 4 additional fully disclosed turn-key trading strategies. Accordingly when you click on the curriculum links below the pages will refer to my intermediate Pathway to Sustainable Trading course, however understand the same material is included in both courses.

Course Curriculum

Step 1 Awareness
             Traders Typical Journey   
             Truth About Trading   
             Why 90% of Traders Lose

Step 2 Foundation – Universal Principles
             Money Management
             Curve Fitting & Data Mining

           Foundation – Trading Tools
             Traditional Tools
             New Tools
               Universal Indicator
               Universal Entry & Stop
               Universal Filter
               Universal Trend
               Universal Supp/Resist.
               Universal Cycle

Step 2 Foundation – Trading Tools cont.
               Development Strategy: UDB
               Development Strategy: UWB
               Measuring & Reviewing Universal Tools
                  Universal Indicator
                  Universal Entry & Stop
                  Universal Filter
                  Universal Trend
                  Universal Supp/Resist.
                  Universal Cycle



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Dear Brent Penfold,

I discovered your website a few years ago.

Your book The Universal Principles of Successful Trading is the BEST book on trading. I have read it hundreds of times, it helped to create my trading strategies ( I am a small trader with a huge experience of losing my trading capital 🙂 ), but I still could not get my trading working. Your book helped me to float above water.

This course gave me another life, I have found out my mistakes and understood the principles of trading (at least I think so 🙂 ). If it is true in 5 years time I will send you a BIG THANK YOU email.

Your course is the best education on trading.

Maybe there are good traders and courses on the net, but the simplicity of your course is outstanding. This course is designed for traders, who are willing to work hard, in my opinion.

Your book and course reveals things that I did not find in any other books, or those things are mentioned as small problems.

Thank you very much for your course.

Once again thank you for your course. It is really the best investment I have ever made.

Time for a Reset in Trader Education
Are you frustrated with the traditional variable laden indicators that don’t work? 

Are you looking for ideas that have an edge, like my Universal Support and Resistance tool?

Would you be interested in learning a simple, 100% pattern based, reversal pattern such as my Universal Cycle tool?

If you are, and you’re also interested in learning much, much more that works, then please read on.

Hi Brent,

This was such a fantastic course and so reasonably priced.

I did it last year and I am thinking about doing it again as a refresher, the contents is invaluable!

Online Course
This course contains 9 hours of videos and it will represent the best AUD149.99 you have ever spent on your trading education.

To take this course just click on the following link;

Course Prerequisites

  • An open mind, and
  • Preparedness to work hard.

The Truth About Trading
There are very few undeniable truths about trading. This is one. Many people attempt to trade and many people fail. Fact. Very few active traders over the long-term are profitable. Yes, they can have periods of profitability, however over the long-term they’re not. The world of active trading is an unforgivable universe of disappointment.

Regardless of traders’ conscious belief as to why they fail, whether it’s due to anxiety or a poor strategy, the result is the same.

They lose.

Regardless of their attempts to remedy their situation, whether it’s reading trading books, joining trading forums, asking others for advice or attending training programs, the result doesn’t change.

They lose.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s an unfortunate fact that much of what has been written and spoken about trading flat out doesn’t work.

In my course I help to shed light on what does work and what doesn’t work in trading. I identify the two key factors that determine trading success and share the singularly most important formulae in trading. Along the way I demonstrate the correct way to develop a positive expectancy methodology that is neither curve-fitted or data mined. To help students navigate their way through the complex world of technical analysis I discuss the strengths and weakness of many popular trading tools before revealing my proprietary Universal Tool Kit. Following completion of the course students will have a good understanding as to what doesn’t work in trading and why and what does work and why. They’ll experience their own personal “light bulb” or “ha,ha” moment.  Coming away from the course students will have collected a number of important methodology building blocks that will allow them to construct their own robust positive expectancy strategies.

With the correct knowledge and tools that my Truth About Trading course teaches I believe anyone can learn to trade successfully.

Course Takeaways
Students who undertake this course will learn the following;

  • The two key factors determining trading success.
  • The singularly most important formula for trader success.
  • Why psychology is not the problem.
  • My proprietary Universal Tool Kit;
    • Universal Indicator
    • Universal Entry and Stop
    • Universal Filter
    • Universal Trend
    • Universal Support and Resistance and
    • Universal Cycles

They will also learn two fully disclosed development strategies.

  • UDB
  • UWB

From my introductory course students will learn that much of the most convenient, popular and easily accessible trading tools available today, traditional “indicators”, don’t work.

They will learn why it’s TIME for a reset in their trading education.

They will learn it’s time to get back to basics where students will learn that simple ideas work best, that stand the test of time and result in sustainable trading.

Students will learn my NEW proprietary Universal Tools are absent of traditional indicators.

They’ll learn my Universal Tools are based 100% on price.

For many who are familiar with my work they’ll know I’m a big advocate of working with price and my Universal Tools are no different.

Students will learn and see how effective my 100% pattern based Universal Trend tool is.

Students will learn and see how effective my 100% pattern based Universal Support and Resistance tool is;

Students will enjoy seeing how effective my 100% pattern based Universal Cycle tool it;

In addition students will learn and see how effective my NEW simple 100% pattern and evidence based and indicator free development UDB methodology is;

Hey Brent,

I only have one complaint regarding TTAT course.

Where the hell was it when I started trading! And why doesn't my name appear in a Dedication for "Traders Typical Journey"??? haha

All the best - and THANK YOU for a brilliant course of instruction.


With this NEW knowledge students will;

  • Understand why they have failed to succeed in the past,
  • Understand how to avoid curve-fitting and data mining when developing trading methodologies,
  • Understand how to trade off daily bars with confidence,
  • Understand how to manage open positions and place orders between sessions and
  • Understand why there is no need to quit their day job to trade successfully.

When students decide to trade they will do it with confidence knowing exactly;

  • When to trade,
  • Whether they should be buying or selling,
  • Where to enter,
  • Where to place their stop,
  • How much they will be risking and
  • Where to exit.

Students will come away with a new sense of awareness and confidence to well position themselves to succeed in trading. In my opinion my 9-hour video introductory course offers insights, knowledge and answers that are not generally available to the average trader. Students will not be disappointed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Just send me an email at with “The Truth About Trading” in the subject line.

Brent Penfold.
Sydney, Australia.

Online Course
This course contains 9 hours of videos and it will represent the best AUD149.99 you have ever spent on your trading education.

To take this course just click on the following link;