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Hi Brent,

I switched to Real Test earlier this year – I use it for shares – it is a brilliant piece of software …. if you could please put me in touch with the chap who codes UT in Real Test (I haven’t figured out how to do XXXX XXXX in Real Test)

Many Thanks

Hi Brent,

Good initiative of you and XXXX! I have been testing XXXX’s work in RealTest in several iterations, it is getting very close to your results.

Benefit of Trading Software

Use of appropriate software is good for trading.

Good software speeds up;

  • Investigation and development of strategies
  • Stress and sensitivity analysis of strategies
  • Validation and verification of strategies
  • Portfolio/strategy mix analysis
  • Daily trade management and execution
My Personal Software Solution

I personally program my ideas and strategies in Visual Basic for Application (VBA) for excel.

I’ve been coding in VBA since purchasing and opening TradeStation in the 1990s to only realize EasyLanguage wasn’t so easy!

I personally believe learning VBA and being able to independently investigate, develop, back test and stress test ideas has singularly been, after learning the importance and implication of ROR, the biggest reason behind my success.

However I know many people have neither the desire, or the time, to both learn a programming language and build their own trading model from scratch.

You can learn more about how I code here: VBA Coding

Third Party Software

Traders who either do not have the inclination or the time to learn programming should consider a third party off the shelf charting/development software.

Today there are many popular off the shelf trading programs such as;

  • RealTest
  • AmiBroker
  • Multicharts
  • Trade Navigator
  • TradeStation
  • Trading Blox

One program that has attracted my attention is RealTest.

I came across it by one of my traders who has significant experience in many of the above programs.

It grabbed my attention because it’s designed to test ideas the way I trade, the way I develop/validate/stress test multiple strategies over multiple markets over multiple timeframes.

Quite simply its almost impossible to survive in the markets if you trade only a single strategy, over a single market, over a single timeframe.

Trading successfully requires diversification.

Diversification of strategies.

Diversification of markets.

Diversification of timeframes.

This is how I trade.

I trade a portfolio of strategies diversified by technique, trading both trend and counter-trend (mean reversion) methodologies.

I trade a portfolio of strategies over a portfolio of markets that are diversified by sectors.

Trading diversified sectors reduces correlation of results.

I trade a portfolio of strategies over a portfolio of diversified markets across multiple timeframes.

Timeframes ranging from short, to medium to long term.

My courses, models and Workshops represent a portfolio of diversified strategies that can be traded over a portfolio of diversified markets over multiple timeframes.

RealTest is setup to code a multi strategy methodology like what my courses, models and Workshops offer.

RealTest can handle my courses, models and Workshops.

Marsten Parker – The Developer Behind RealTest

The developer behind RealTest is Marsten Parker.

What I love about Marsten is that he is a full time trader who’s background as a programmer has allowed him to develop, market and maintain a program he personally uses.

So RealTest is a program that has been developed by a real trader, for a real trader, himself, to trade real strategies over real markets with real money.

Marsten Parker is featured in Jack Schwager’s book Unknown Market Wizards (Harriman, 2021).

You can learn more about Marsten and RealTest at his website;

I Don’t Sell Software

As I mention on my site I’m NOT a software guy.

I don’t sell software.

I simply share/teach my fully disclosed trading methodologies.

Following Workshops I allow students to watch me trade the methodologies live for 90 days, trading real markets with real money.

I teach others how I trade.

I believe I offer one of the best educational pathway/services available in the realm of trading education.

That’s all I do in the realm of trader education.

I don’t sell software.

However I know traders are looking for a software solution so I’ve made a decision to help facilitate people towards a programming solution for my courses and models.

Hi Brent,

Just went through your latest email and wanted to drop a comment regarding software.

When it comes to programming - I'm lost. Completely lost. I tried and failed. As a result, I've always had to pay someone to code my ideas for me - and my weapon of choice has been TradingBlox.

BUT - there's a new sheriff in town.

And now I can actually code (simple) ideas and test them at a portfolio level the way TB (TradingBlox) does. Marsten Parker (from The Unknown Market Wizards book) has been kind enough to share - at an extremely reasonable price - the software he wrote for portfolio level trading.

My descriptions won't do it justice - so take a look at his site at:

There are some videos that walk through the creation of a system to get a glimpse of what it can do. A real programmer like you will appreciate the simplicity and immense capabilities his program offers. For any of your students out there struggling, I think this is a GREAT option for learning to code trading systems.

All the best.

Software Solution for My Courses, Models and Workshops

Over the years I have developed some great relationships with my traders, and one in particular who is really proficient in RealTest.

Not only is he proficient in RealTest but he is also generous with his time to help others in coding my courses, models and Workshops.

For those interested in RealTest and who are looking for a software solution for either one of my courses, models or Workshops including PortX³ I’m happy to introduce them to my trader.

However, while my trader is happy to assist, please understand he is also entitled to charge a reasonable amount for his time.

My trader offers training services on how to code my work.

Not to oversimplify it, however depending on whether or not you already own RealTest, and depending on which course/model/Workshop you’d like code training on, utilising his training services, will assist you as follows;



Already Own RealTest and Have Data

To follow code training service to code up courses/models/Workshops – Approximately 2 hours



If You Don’t Own RealTest

To purchase and install RealTest – Approximately 1 hour

To subscribe and connect data supplier – Approximately 1 hour

To follow code training service to code up courses/models/Workshops – Approximately 2 hours



If you’d like to be introduced to my trader please send me an email at and in the subject line enter the appropriate training service you’re interested in;


Video Courses





I receive no financial benefit for providing this introduction.

I receive no financial benefit from RealTest or my trader.

I have never meet, communicated with or exchange emails with Marsten Parker.


Please understand and accept the following;

  1. Neither I nor the trader helping with coding my courses, models and Workshops in RealTest warrant the accuracy of the code.
  2. The use of assistance to help code my courses, models and Workshops in RealTest is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the trader.
  3. The implementation, use and execution of the resultant code in RealTest is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the trader.
  4. The resultant code in RealTest is not to be copied, shared or distributed to third parties, and finally,
  5. Your signed Sale Agreement for the relevant course, model or Workshop covers the resultant code in RealTest.