PST Combo: Short, Medium & Long-term Patterns

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Attendees of my Pathway to Sustainable Trading course will not only learn two demonstration strategies but four additional fully disclosed systematic strategies;

  •  Strategy 1: Short-term Pattern 1
  •  Strategy 2: Short-term Pattern 2
  •  Strategy 3: Medium-term Pattern 1
  •  Strategy 4: Long-term Pattern 1

Depending on each attendee’s individual risk appetite, risk capital and time frame there should be a strategy for everyone.

Combining Strategies
In addition these strategies do not have to be mutually exclusive, its not an either or choice. These strategies can be combined. A common mistake traders make is to focus on a single strategy trading a single market. Unfortunately it’s rare for a strategy to make money ever year, year in and year out on the same market as markets alternate between states of trending and choppiness over bull and bear market cycles. Successful traders know the benefit of diversification so they will trade multiple strategies over multiple timeframes over a portfolio of multiple but diverse markets. Trading multiple strategies provides protection against strategy failure and drawdown. Combining strategies sees traders enjoy the benefit of smoother equity curves, lower net drawdown and higher risk/reward payoffs.

The number of strategies and markets someone trades will depend on an individual’s risk capital, risk appetite and time-frame. However I believe with the diversity of strategies I’ll be teaching along with the various portfolio combinations offered, my online Workshop should provide a solution for everyone, regardless of whether they’re only a 2 market or +24 market trader.

Below are the performance results for combining both the Short-term strategies with the Medium-term and Long-term strategies over various portfolio combinations.

Please review the performance figures below and see whether your trading account could have benefited from their knowledge and combination.

Strategy Profiles:
Short-term Pattern 1
Short-term Pattern 2
Medium-term Pattern 1
Long-term Pattern 1

Portfolio: P2

Note: The above combination does not include the Long-term strategy. Although the Long-term strategy makes money on the P2 portfolio its strategy, due to its long-term nature,  is not conducive to small portfolios. 

Portfolio: P4

Portfolio: P8

Portfolio: P16

Portfolio: P24

Note: Individual strategies can produce trades on the same day. When combining strategies traders should avoid the risk of capturing duplicate trades in their results. The performance figures above only allow one trade per market per day and when two occur it will only select the trade that enters first.