PST Development Strategy – UDB

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To demonstrate the importance of minimizing curve fitting attendees will learn two development strategies that I will build during my Pathway to Sustainable Trading course. While building each strategy I will start from scratch and use only my Universal Tools. To avoid data mining and to show the robustness of the demonstration strategies their results are run over a diversified portfolio containing the most liquid futures contract over 8 diversified market segments. I call this portfolio “P8” and includes the E-Mini SP500, Euro Currency, 10 Year Treasury Notes, Crude Oil, Gold, Corn, Sugar and Live Cattle.

Please review the performance figures below of the first demonstration strategy I call UDB and see whether your trading could have benefited from its knowledge.

Strategy Profile:
Indicator or Pattern Based:      Pattern
Number of variables:                0
Symmetrical?:                          Yes, identical setup for both long and short entries.