Workshop – Universal Trader


Attend my online Workshop over the weekend of 28 & 29th November 2020 and learn Universal Trader’s 4 amazing key strategies that have enjoyed 10+ years of positive out-of-sample performance;

  • Key Level for retracement trend trading
  • Key Breakout for breakout trend trading
  • Key Swing for mean-reversion trend trading
  • Key Exhaustion for trend termination trading or top & bottom picking
  • Universal Trader Combination of all 4 strategies

Along with the 4 strategies attendees will learn about the importance and power of proper money management and they’ll be learning a unique and powerful technique to master their trading psychology.

Attendees will also receive 6-month access to the Workshop’s video recordings to help reinforce their understanding of the 4 strategies and material I teach. They’ll be able to rewind, review and re-watch as often as they like for 6-months.

And as a bonus attendees will enjoy 90-days of live trading!

Please note #1. Attendees will be prompted to sign a Sale Agreement, which contains a non-disclosure clause, during the payment Check-out process.

Please note #2. Price is in Australia dollars.

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Attend my online Workshop and learn Universal Trader.