IndexTrader Real Time Results

Real Time Results
When I was starting out in 2001 and no one knew me, I knew I had to do something different. I actually got involved in this trading education business due to my disappointment with educators. To my awarness the majority did not provide any evidence they actually traded what they “taught”/”sold”. It was more “do as I say” and “not what I do”. So I got involved to demonstrate a simply idea of transparency. If you’re going to teach a trading idea then be sure it’s an idea you actually trade. If you don’t, then don’t sell it.

So to be different, and to place pressure on the education business, I decided to show my real time results. I did this for 10 years until 2011.

Please see my real time results opposite.

I stopped for two reasons.

Firstly, with the demise of MF Global Australia in 2011 I was forced to stop trading my models’ accounts I held with them. With Administrators appointed traders were struggling to get their funds back, let alone trade. Lucky for me I held my main account with Macquarie Bank so I could continue trading. But my individual model accounts that I held with MF Global were frozen. In Australia we eventually received our monies but it took many years.

Secondly, when the funds were being released from MF Global Australia I wasn’t prepared to go through all the administrative hassle of opening new accounts. And not only was I not prepared to open a bunch of new trading accounts I felt that by 2011 I was much better known and didn’t have to prove that I traded.

So in 2011 I felt I was better known and that I didn’t have to suffer the extra administrative hassle to not only opening but also operating separate accounts for every new idea I shared on my web site.

So hence I no loner maintain real time results for my models and newsletters in separate accounts.

Daily Study Guide
Although I don’t maintain separate trading accounts for my models traders can still get a feel of real time results through the Daily Study Guides.

Owners can subscribe to their respective model’s Daily Study Guide and watch me trade the particular model live each day in real markets, in real time with real money.

In addition in my newsletters I share my real time fills which is very unusual in this business of trader education, system sales and newsletter publication.

To my knowledge I’m the only trading educator/system seller/newsletter publisher in Australia to demonstrate that they actually trade what they teach/sell/recommend. I’m not aware of anyone else who does. And I’m not surprised as I’m a trader first and foremost while the majority of the other “service” providers only hope that you either believe they trade or you believe they know how to trade!