I released IndexTrader in 2001.

IndexTrader is an immediate-term breakout and mean-reversion index trading methodology.

IndexTrader is 100% objective and 100% mechanical.

All the trading rules for set-up, entry, stop and exit are fully explained.

There is no discretion used with IndexTrader. It’s a systematic strategy.

IndexTrader consists of 5 patterns;

  • IAR – Breakout trend trading, asymmetrical, buy only.
  • IAS – Mean reversion, asymmetrical, buy only.
  • IAM – Mean reversion, asymmetrical, sell only.
  • IAD – Mean reversion, asymmetrical, sell only.
  • IAB – Mean reversion, symmetrical, buy and sell.

Within the 5 patterns there are 6 variables. One variable is for a 200-day moving average while another is for a 4-bar average true range calculation. The other four variables are known only to owners of IndexTrader. Where a variable exists in a pattern IndexTrader uses the same variable value for all markets and where applicable, for both buy and sell setups. Being pattern based helps to ensure IndexTrader is free of excessive “curve fitting”, one of the twin evils faced by all strategy developers.

[As a side note these patterns form part of the portfolio of patterns I call “Idx24” which was the model behind my newsletter IndexALERT. A newsletter I published for 20 years between 2004 and 2023.]

Although I released IndexTrader in 2001, when it was called SpiTrader, I have been trading these patterns since 1998.

I originally designed IndexTrader to trade the Australian index SPI200 futures contract. However, due to its robustness, IndexTrader succeeds over my portfolio of global index markets;

  • SPI
  • Nikkei
  • Hang Seng
  • Dax
  • Stoxx50
  • Ftse
  • E-Mini Nasdaq and
  • E-Mini SP500

IndexTrader’s success across a global portfolio of out-of-sample index markets since its release under scores the soundness of its methodology and demonstrates the absence of “data mining”, the second twin evil faced by strategy developers.

IndexTrader’s simplicity, absence of both excessive curve fitting and data mining, and continuing positive performance since its release in 2001 demonstrates both its effectiveness and robustness. Two commodities which are very rare in the business of trading education and system development.

Whether you trade Asian, European or North American index CFDs or index Futures IndexTrader will give you the edge you’re looking for.

This strategy represents a complete methodology and is a revolution in trader education. The revolution comprises two elements:

    – the theory and
    – practical live trading.

The Theory
The theory is contained within the IndexTrader’s manual where traders will learn the complete methodology for finding set-ups, identifying entry, stop and exit levels.

Practical Live Trading
The practical live trading occurs via the IndexTrader Daily Study Guide. When traders purchase IndexTrader they will receive a complimentary 30-day subscription to the Daily Study Guide. On expiry owners can subscribe for as long or for as short as they like. They control the tempo of their learning. The Daily Study Guide allows traders to watch me live 24/7 consistently review, analyse, apply and trade IndexTrader across a portfolio of global index markets.

They watch and learn as I apply the methodology live in the markets. They learn by watching me make real trades, with real money, in real markets, in real time.

This is a revolution in trader education.

Please click on the link opposite to learn more about IndexTrader’s Daily Study Guide.

Traders are able to learn at their own pace. Experienced traders will only need the manual. For new and struggling traders they can subscribe to the Daily Study Guide for as long or for as short as they like. They set their own pace for their own learning. They can even choose to subscribe indefinitely and use the Daily Study Guide as their constant trading companion.

I can’t think of an easier, or more transparent, or more honest and flexible form of trader education available to people wishing to learn a real methodology used by a real trader in global markets.

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