I launched IndexALERT in January 2004.

IndexALERT is a daily newsletter that monitors and alerts subscribers to short term (1-3 day) trading opportunities in global index futures.  See for yourself whether or not IndexALERT could have helped your trading since 2004?

Last updated: 21st April, 2023.

IndexALERT’s Performance since launch in 2004
Portfolio: Spi, Nikkei, Taiwan, Hang Seng, Dax, Ftse, Mini-Nasdaq & E-Mini SP500

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What Does IndexALERT offer?
IndexALERT is a daily advisory newsletter service that provides trading recommendations on the following global index futures contracts:

  • SPI

  • NIKKEI 225


  • DAX

  • FTSE


  • E-MINI S&P500

IndexALERT’s trading signals are mechanically produced. IndexALERT looks to identify short term (1-3 day) trading opportunities. When a trading opportunity is identified IndexALERT provides subscribers with a complete Trade Plan. IndexALERT will alert subscribers to;

  • Which index to trade.

  • Where to enter.

  • Where place stops, and

  • Where to take profits.

IndexALERT’s™ performance can be monitored as its regularly updated on the web site.

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