I released Idx24 in 2015.

Idx24 is a 100% mechanical immediate-term breakout and mean-reversion index trading methodology.

Idx24 is a portfolio of models that represents my collection of preferred index trading strategies.

Idx24 trades the main index futures contracts throughout;

  • Asia
    • SPI
    • Nikkei
    • Taiwan
    • Hang Seng
  • Europe
    • Dax
    • Stoxx50
    • Ftse
  • North America
    • E-Mini Nasdaq
    • E-Mini SP500.

The “Idx24” Collection
Although I did not formally name my preferred collection “Idx24” until 2015, the models existence and continuing evolution commenced in 2001 with IndexTrader (although back then I called it SpiTrader, and before then I’ve actually been trading the patterns since 1998).

Idx24 is the model behind my newsletter IndexALERT.

I’ve been publishing IndexALERT since 2004.

Idx24 contains the following strategies;

IndexTrader (Released in 2001)
      IAR – Breakout trend trading, asymmetrical, buy only.
      IAS – Mean reversion, asymmetrical, buy only.
      IAM – Mean reversion, asymmetrical, sell only.
      IAD – Mean reversion, asymmetrical, sell only.
      IAB – Mean reversion, symmetrical, buy and sell.

IdxBandit (Released 2009)
      IdxB – Breakout trend trading, symmetrical, buy and sell.

IdxRunner (Released 2014)
      IdxR – Mean reversion trend trading, symmetrical, buy and sell.

IdxWizard (Released 2016)
      IdxW – Breakout trend trading, symmetrical, buy and sell.

Idx24 is only available from attending my educational Idx24 Workshop.

Please refer to my Workshop page for updates on when I hold this particular Workshop.

Alternatively for those who are time poor, traders can receive the daily signals by subscribing to IndexALERT.

Please note that IndexALERT only shares the entry, stop and exit instructions. It does not disclose the individual pattern and strategy set-ups.