Getting Started

Help is Here
I believe anyone can improve their trading.

If you’re here looking for help then hopefully I can be of some assistance.

However, if I’m to be of any help you’ll first need to determine whether my philosophy towards trading matches yours?

If it doesn’t then no amount of ideas or models of mine you learn will help you.

You’ll be deaf to my messages.

The Universal Principles of Successful Trading
So straight up, if you haven’t already, please get yourself a copy of my book The Universal Principles of Successful Trading (Wiley 2010).

It doesn’t cost much. Read it.

If you like it, then come back here.

[And please note I’m not pushing my book to get rich on sales. As an author I think I only receive around $2.00 per sale? So I’m not flogging the book for personal profit, but to spread its messages.]

Getting Started
You’re back?


Next you need to learn and follow a sensible pathway to sustainable trading.

Trading is not about making money today or tomorrow, but making money next year and the year after.

To achieve longevity in this business you need to develop a way of trading that is sustainable. In my opinion you want to play the long game where your objective should be to make money not only in the present but also into the future.

I hope the links opposite will help you along your journey.