Practical Education
I believe anyone can improve their trading.

If you’re new to trading, or looking to put your toe back into the water, then I believe I can help.

My practical educational services comprise a number of levels;

  • My Book,
  • My Truth About Trading course,
  • My Pathway to Sustainable Trading course,
  • My Models and
  • My Daily Study Guides

I compliment the above with;

  • Insights
  • Presentations and
  • Workshops

My Educational Pathway
If you’d like to learn how I go about my business of trading, the best course of action to follow is;

  1. Purchase a copy of my book the Universal Principles of Successful Trading (Wiley, 2010). For a small price you’ll know straight away whether or not my ideas resonate.

  2. If after reading my book you wish to continue learning from me the next step would be to take my Udemy The Truth About Trading course. The course contains 9 hours of videos and it will represent the best USD149.99 you have ever spent on your trading education.

  3. At this point you will have both valuable trading knowledge and a practical and serviceable trading methodology. For generally around USD200 (my book + course) you will be well on your way.

  4. As your account balance grows you should start to acquire/develop additional trading strategies. Trading a portfolio of strategies provides traders the benefit of diversification which lessens the risk of individual strategy failure if/when it occurs.  I make a number of my strategies available from this website.

  5. If you’d like to acquire one of my strategies you have a choice of two approaches. You can either purchase access to my Pathway to Sustainable (PST) Workshop videos which contains 4 strategies or alternatively you can purchase individual models off my site. My PST Workshop videos represents the best value as you would be acquiring 4 strategies as opposed to only acquiring one strategy at a time if you purchase them individually off my site.

My Book
My educational help begins with my book The Universal Principles of Successful Trading (Wiley, 2010). It’s become an international best seller having now been translated into Polish, German, Korean, Japanese and simplified and orthodox Chinese.

It’s inexpensive and within it, I share my philosophy and approach to trading.

And guess what, unlike the majority of other trading book, I don’t discuss/review/explain in detail any entry technique. Not one. In my opinion, day to day combat instructions (setups, entries, stops and exits) are secondary to the importance of understanding and embracing the primary universal principles of successful trading. Like building, you need a strong foundation of trading knowledge before you can hope to achieve and maintain sustainable trading. It’s a good book.

It’s the first port of call for anyone looking for my assistance to help them.

My Next Book
As a heads up, my next book will also be a valuable educational resource.

I hope to release The Universal Tactics of Successful Trend Trading in 2019. In this book I will focus on how to approach and develop a positive expectancy methodology. I expect it to be as well received as The Universal Principles of Successful Trading (Wiley, 2010).

The Truth About Trading Course
Building on my book I have developed a 9 hour video course called The Truth About Trading that I have placed on the Udemy e-learning platform.

It’s an unfortunate fact that much of what has been written and spoken about trading flat out doesn’t work.

In my course I help to shed light on what does work and what doesn’t work in trading. I identify the two key factors that determine trading success and share the singularly most important formulae in trading. Along the way I demonstrate the correct way to develop a positive expectancy methodology that is neither curve-fitted or data mined. To help students navigate their way through the complex world of technical analysis I discuss the strengths and weakness of many popular trading tools before revealing my proprietary Universal Tool Kit. Following completion of the course students will have a good understanding as to what doesn’t work in trading and why and what does work and why. They’ll experience their own personal “light bulb” or “ha,ha” moment.  Coming away from the course students will have collected a number of important methodology building blocks that will allow them to construct their own robust positive expectancy strategies.

For those students looking for additional strategy ideas to diversify their trading they can certainly consider purchasing access to my Pathway to Sustainable Trading Workshop videos (which contains 4 strategies) or they can individually purchase the simple mechanical models I make available from my site.

Pathway to Sustainable Trading
Building on my The Truth About Trading program I have developed my Pathway to Sustainable Trading course.

It’s a step by step pathway I encourage everyone to follow if they hope to achieve sustainable trading where they can expect to make money not only in the present, but into the future and beyond.

This course includes all the material contained within my Udemy The Truth About Trading program.

In addition to The Truth About Trading material my Pathway to Sustainable Trading course teaches 4 turn-key trading methodologies.

If traders are looking for additional strategy ideas purchasing access to this Workshop’s videos represents the best value for money as 4 strategies are included, as opposed to purchasing individual strategy models off my site.

For those students looking for additional trading ideas to diversify their trading they can certainly consider one of the simple mechanical models I make available from my site.

My Models
My educational effort continues with a number of simple mechanical models that I make available off this web site. While my Pathway to Sustainable Trading course provides the necessary journey every trader should take my models offer a destination. A particular way to trade.

Although I reference my educational methodologies as “models” please understand it’s only a label of convenience.

My models represent a complete education on how to trade a particular part of market structure which include;

  • Retracements,
  • Breakouts,
  • Mean-reversions, and
  • Top and bottom picking.

Each model represents a complete education on;

  • When to trade,
  • Whether to buy or sell,
  • Where to enter,
  • Where to place stops and
  • Where to exit.

The models represent the educational theory on how to trade.

I compliment the theory with a practical “how to” Daily Study Guide.

My Daily Study Guides
My educational services don’t end with the models. It continues with practical live trading through each model’s Daily Study Guide.

Each model comes with a 30-day complimentary subscription to a Daily Study Guide where owners can watch the developer (me) trade their own model in real markets, with real money, in real time. The Daily Study Guide is designed to offer practical educational instruction on how the model is applied in practical day to day trading. Its objective is to help reinforce owner’s knowledge and understanding of the model/methodology they purchase.

Students get to watch their teacher trade what he teaches.

From time to time I share insights on how I review trading ideas. I hope the practical instruction will encourage other traders to do the same.

From time to time I get invited to present to traders.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to address thousands of traders throughout the Asia Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, India and China.

But please note that as I’ve got older I’m tending to accept less and less invitations.

From time to time I’ll run an annual Workshop where I’ll teach a particular model/s and usually follow it up with 90-days of live trading.