Daily Study Guide

Delivering Education via Models
To help educate traders I make available a number of my models.

Please do not be confused with my use of the term “models”.

You see trading “education” and trading “models” are two of the same thing.

“Model” is just one way to describe a complete approach to trading, from identifying times where it’s appropriate to trade (the set-up), to where a trader should buy and sell (the entry), to where they should exit if they’re wrong (the stop) to where they should the leave the  market with their profit (the exit).

Other terms used include “methodologies”, “strategies”, “techniques”, “systematic”, “mechanical”, “algorithmic”, “quantitative” and “robots” etc.

They’re all just referring to the same thing as “model” – a complete approach to trading from set-up, to entry, to stop, to exit.

They’re just an alternative label to describe;

   – trading education, or
   – trading knowledge, or
   – trading methodology or simply
   – “how to”.

A Revolution in Trading Education
I believe my approach to education through complete models is a revolution in trader education.

Not only can traders purchase a  model containing a sound methodology for a particular part of market structure they’d like to capture;

  • IndexTrader – Short-term breakout and mean-reversion index trading,
  • Key Level – Retracement trend trading,
  • Key Breakout – Breakout trend trading,
  • Key Swing – Mean-reversion trend trading,
  • Key Exhaustion – Top and bottom picking,
  • Universal Trader – A collection of models including Key Level, Key Breakout, Key Swing and Key Exhaustion or
  • Universal Bandit – Trend and mean-reversion trading.

but they can also purchase a methodology from someone who actually trades it. And not only trades the methodology but also allows the purchaser to watch them trade it in real markets, with real money, in real time via the particular model’s Daily Study Guide.

In my opinion, good trading education involves a combination of theory and practice. The theory involves learning the model or methodology, while practice involves daily repetitive market review, analysis, application, and execution. Really “good” practice involves watching the trader/developer/vendor on a daily basis repeatedly review, analyse, apply and execute their strategy in real markets with real money in real time.

Nothing achieves good knowledge reinforcement then seeing a methodology being implemented day in and day out in a repetitive manner by the strategy developer/vendor.

The Daily Study Guide comprises the practical live trading component of each model/strategy I make available.

All purchasers of any of my models will receive a complimentary 30-day Daily Study Guide subscription to their particular strategy.

On expiry, they’re able to continue to subscribe for as long or for as short as they like. They control the pace at which they like to learn their particular strategy/s.

To my mind, the Daily Study Guide represents a revolution in trader education.

Daily Study Guide: Practical Live Trading
There is no better way for a trader to learn than to watch another person trade live in real markets, with real money, in real time.


This is a rarity in the business of trader education and strategy sales.

Certainly, there are plenty of methodologies for sale. Plenty by far. However, there are very few that allow the purchaser to watch along as the trader/developer/vendor trades their own strategy, following the rules precisely as they are outlined in the e-book manual, in real markets, with real money, in real time.

If regulators around the world actually mandated traders/developers/vendors had to trade their own strategies and provide proof you’d see the majority of them disappear off the shelf. They would vanish faster than a cupcake at a 3-year old’s party!

Transparency and Legitimacy
The whole purpose of offering a Daily Study Guide is two-fold.

Firstly, offering an unparalleled form of education. Nothing beats combining theory with practical application.

And secondly, to bring transparency and legitimacy to the business of trader education and strategy sales.

Surely if anyone wanted to charge you for trading knowledge, whether it’s in a form of an “explanation” or “a fully disclosed methodology”, wouldn’t you expect the vendor to personally apply that “knowledge” in the markets with their own money? Surely if they think enough of the knowledge to charge you for it, they’d surely be using it themselves? It’s only logical, right? Unfortunately, the majority don’t. But I do.

The Daily Study Guide offers full transparency as it allows traders to see how I actually trade the particular strategy I teach/sell. It also offers full legitimacy as it allows me to show my real-time market orders, fills and results (both profit and losses, yep warts and all, and yes I do lose on plenty of my trades). Offering the Daily Study Guide as a complimentary and enhancing education tool is really not a big deal for me as I’m a trader first and foremost and an educator second.

However, its a big deal for many trading “educators” and strategy “vendors” as they don’t trade. Period. And they don’t trade for the simple reason that they know the trading “knowledge” or trading “system” they’re charging for doesn’t work!

It’s a sad truth that the majority of what has been written, spoken and presented about trading doesn’t work past a couple of well-chosen charts.

By making available a Daily Study Guide for each of my strategies I hope to not only provide a best practice approach to trader education but also to place pressure on other trading “educators” and strategy “vendors” to back their own offerings by providing a similar service. Because if I can do it, and I’m no rocket scientist, then surely they can with their sophisticated looking web sites, dazzlingly strategies and rich promises.

Purchasers of my strategies will receive a complimentary 30-day subscription to their particular Daily Study Guide. Through the Daily Study Guide owners can watch me live 24/7 consistently analyze, apply and trade the methodology in question across a portfolio of diversified markets applicable to the relevant strategy including;

  • Currencies
  • Indices
  • Interest rates
  • Energy
  • Metals
  • Grains
  • Softs and
  • Meats

They watch and learn as I apply my own methodology live in the markets. They learn by watching me make real trades, with real money, in real markets, in real time.

As I’ve said this is a revolution in trader education.

To my knowledge, I’m not aware of another trading strategy available to private traders where they can learn a methodology and then see it being applied live in the markets with real money by the trader/developer/vendor for 3, 6, 9, 12 months or longer etc? They see the charts, they see the strategy setups when they appear, they see my orders, my actual fills, my actual positions and my actual results. They see all the losses and all the winners, warts and all. Nothing is held back. I don’t know of a similar service available to traders who are looking for a real trading education. None. Owners of my strategies can subscribe to their particular Daily Study Guide for as long or for as short as they like. Traders are able to learn at their own pace. Experienced traders will only need the e-book. For new and struggling traders they can subscribe to the Daily Study Guide for as long or for as short as they like. They set their own pace for their own learning. They can even choose to subscribe indefinitely and use the Daily Study Guide as their constant trading companion.

I can’t think of an easier or more transparent, or more honest and flexible form of trader education available to people wishing to learn a real methodology used by a real trader in real global markets.

How it Works
My strategies work off daily bars so my Daily Study Guides are prepared and sent out after a markets daily session has finished and before the next daily session starts.

Living in Sydney, Australia allows me the good fortune of having a favorable time frame to trade from.

The global “daily “trading session essentially follows the earth as it revolves around the sun.

For the markets I trade it commences when the Australian markets open (apologies to New Zealand) and continues as markets open across the globe in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London and finishes when the markets in North America, particularly in New York, close.

So essentially I wait until the North American markets close before I finalise the collection of all my daily data for previous “day” session: Open, High, Low, Close and Volume.

I then review my models and markets looking for any new daily set-ups and any adjustments in trade management instructions for my open positions.

I’ll then enter all new orders and adjust any trade management instructions in my IB (Interactive Brokers) account.

Once I have completed my own trading requirements I’ll prepare and send out the Daily Study Guides for each model.

The Daily Study Guide includes;

  • New set-ups.
  • New order instructions.
  • Trade management instructions for all open positions.
  • Chart example/s.
  • Record of my fills and positions.

Students are encouraged to complete their own market review identifying new strategy set-ups, draft and prepare appropriate orders and review and adjust trade management instructions for any open positions before they open my Daily Study Guide. They are encouraged to do the work and use the Guide only as a checking tool to ensure they are understanding the strategy correctly.

Naturally, I receive and answer any email questions.

The Daily Study Guides are sent out before their particular markets are open, ensuring students follow the strategy, along with my orders, live and in real time.

Each strategy comes with a complimentary 30-day Daily Study Guide subscription.

Following expiry owners are can choose to subscribe for as long or for as short as they choose. They control the pace at which they’d like to learn.

Subscriptions are available for either 3-month or 12-month periods with progressive discounts for multiple models.

Please refer to the SHOP for subscription rates.