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Here are some comments from emails I have received.

(Received via email: 8thJuly 2012)

Hello Brent,

I am pleased to announce that I have now been one of your proud trading students for 10 years…

I remember clearly stumbling across your website in mid-2002 when I was totally confused. By that stage I had blown up 3 trading accounts worth $45,000 and was ready to kick trading out the window.

Your newsletters, strategies, presentations (workshops), books have taught me the many basic fundamentals on how to approach and trade the markets. Your insight into the whole mechanical vs discretionary landscape helped give me an edge and trade right beside you and;

a. Survive
b. Profit

The strategies and newsletters you teach are not perfect. But they have an edge and I’m still here placing the same orders with my broker that I was back in 2002.

It really is that simple.

Sound money management combined with strategies with an edge.

In fact, in March (2012) this year I experienced a combination of winning trades in my portfolio of strategies that you teach. This series of winning trades pushed my net total profitable trades to above $250,000. It has not been easy. Drawdowns. Broker Errors. Terrorist Attacks. Recessions. Wars. Banks/Brokers Filing For Chapter 31. Global Financial Crisis (Just to name a few hurdles).

So, I would simply like to say THANK YOU.

A big thank you from me, for teaching me, about trading and how to make it work for me. I currently trade;

2. IndexALERT,
3. IndexTRADER,
6. KL (Key Levels)
7. KE (Key Exhaustion)

I also monitor the signals/performance of;

1. BBTT – Indices
2. IndexRIDER (QBO, QRT, QSAR) – Indices

I look forward to learning much more in years to come and hope that you continue to provide us students with the opportunity to do so.
Kind Regards,
V.G. Australia.

Hi Brent,
 … Just a bit of feedback for you: I can now trade IndexTrader, BBTT & Key Level independently of your newsletters (and I do shadow you), but I find it convenient to use your newsletters for forwarding to the Broker for the live trading.  My current newsletters are: IndexALERT (as a proxy for IndexTrader), ForexALERT (as a proxy for Key Level) and BBTT newsletters … Brent, it’s a credit to you that I’m looking at using all of your services.  Gemma (my wife) and I are very grateful for you helping us over the last few years – a big thank you. 
P.K. Australia.

Hi Brent, I really just want to thank you for your systems. Both Index alert and Forex alert have more than paid for themselves already, and its only 5 months in. I know there will be drawdowns in the near future (but shouldn’t be as bad as my XxxxxXxxxxSystems share account -45%!) – But I have already taken the cost of your reports out from the profits, as well as the cost for your seminar, so I'm very happy!. So thanks so much for making available your systems. Really appreciated, and cant wait for the seminar!
Warm regards, D.C. Australia.


Excellent, I'll schedule the payment ASAP and let you know when to expect it in your bank.

I should be thanking you for providing such an honest and reputable service, with so many sharks out there you are a refreshing change! You've got my support for a long time, as I am committed to being a successful trader and with your help I know I can get there. Regards. C.R. Australia.


... I began using IndexALERT in 2005 and found it to be a very convenient way of trading Futures. Trading Futures is a great way to "turbo charge" your investments, but the losses can also cause financial ruin. Brent manages the trades with clear stop losses, so you know how much of your capital is at risk. Like any investment, the best performance is achieved over time and the same goes here. IndexALERT has provided great returns over the past years and has begun 2009 with an unbelievable result. Keep up the great work Brent and lets hope 2009 continues at this rate. P.C. Australia.


... It’s been a little over 7 months since I first discovered and subscribed to IndexALERT. I must say that it has been a very positive and exciting experience. Thank you for supporting me through the initial phase from understanding the daily orders to working with my broker. I now wake every morning with the confidence that IndexALERT will arrive in my inbox in an easy to understand layout providing me with an edge when trading. I currently trade the ASIAN portfolio using IndexALERT and look forward to sticking with it over the long term. Thank you again and I hope that you have a safe and very rewarding Christmas/New Year holiday. Cheers, V.G. Australia.


… I have just returned from a delightful trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, having left my son to action my Index Alert Account in my absence, and what a pleasant surprise to return to. Of all my trading experience to date I must say Index Alert seems to me to offer the most reliable and steady long term growth opportunity. Brent, I have learned a lot from you in the relatively short period I have been with you, and again, would like to thank you for it. P.W. Australia.


… I can whole heartedly recommend your namesake (Brent Plasier) at Macquarie in Noosa.  I've been doing IndexAlert with him for a year now and taking actual brokerage and slippage into account I easily keep ahead of your posted results. J.L. Australia.


..... on the 20th January I received your email “Starting the Trading Year with a Fresh Edge”. This was a timely reminder to start thinking about trading the SPI, in my case, as I had decided to cash up all my funds management investments in the middle of 2008 and take control myself. This new adventure into what began as share trading again in November 2008 culminated in some successes during November and early December, but I did not feel confident and was certainly confused by the myriad of advice in the market place and all the technical analysis tools. Having received your offer I immediately surfer the net for your website and was amazed at the fantastic testimonials for your new book “Back to Basics Trading”. Names like Larry Williams, Darryl Guppy and Nick Radge were familiar to me, having met the later two and listened to Larry years ago on a satellite broadcast. Your book and Index Alerts had to be for me. I offer this testimonial as an example of “Fresh Eyes” wanting to learn more about futures trading with confidence and to build my tools in share trading. Your book is simply fantastic! It offers all the tools, money management, equity curve, simple techniques to enter, manage and exit trades. I have now found the confidence to trade in the markets you suggest, accept managed losses and take profit. IndexAlert added the benefit of your many years of experience and allow me to follow the rules, your rules, to hopefully make me a long term trader and work towards becoming one of the 10% of traders that have longevity in the markets. I can honestly highly recommend to anyone new to trading or traders with some experience purchase BBTT and watch your daily recommendations for successful trading. Lets face it, Larry Williams puts it perfectly, and it is for me “The Most Comprehensive Trading Book I Have Ever Read” Your book BBTT and IndexAlert are a must have! L.M. Australia.


... and thank you for your guidance through IndexALERT these last few months. Its certainly been a positive experience for me and I thank you for that.... C.W. Australia.


  ... I like the layout of your daily ALERT, especially the win loss spreadsheet. Your openness is commendable... G.W. Australia.


…  thanks for IndexAlert, (I) have taken every trade and gradually added all markets traded and from my 12 months it performs as stated so full credit to you for that, there are many people/so called educators or experts out there who promise allot but deliver very little. P.A, Australia.


…. I have enjoyed it (IndexALERT) so far. It has been interesting to watch the trades you   put on and see how well they go. I decided to put on your trades form day one as I personally cannot experience anything unless I actually am involved financially. As the service I believe you offer a very good one. Quality of orders and presentation is  excellent and I find it very easy to follow (I did have to sit with my wife through the first few to explain what SCO and other Acronyms mean).  It is easy to see where you strike and then the risk management. I have only seen one other and I would say this is definitely superior….A.D. Australia.


…. I have found your Index Alert service to be outstanding. The ease and speed which I have entered into the Index arena …. is a real credit to the quality of service you provide your clients. ..Probably like most of your clients I print out the first few pages & scribble down fills as the broker emails them … long may it continue, its certainly got some awesome results behind it, and has certainly added another string to my trading bow. A.M. Australia.


...thanks for your latest Score Board figures.   June is looking fairly healthy….Your service is superb. Recommendations arrive on time (or earlier). ..All the information is there. No chasing around through google to Chicago to find out what the initial margins are; no enquiring about the trading times; no calculations on the back of an envelope to find out the possible losses in AUD$. How many brokers in the world offer this service to their clients? Your attention to detail is all that could ever be expected. B.N. Australia.


… I want to congratulate you on providing an excellent service. E.L. Australia.


...thank you for 2 very good months trading.  I know this is a mechanical system that works, and I have been around the markets for over 10 years, but it is still felt funny to watch my account loose 14% in May (I started with you at the end of April) and then sit flat most of June.  It is now showing a profit of 60%. E.L. Australia.


…  I joined in the 2nd week of August and proceeded to lose $2500 in my first day of trading. (is this a record?). I have faithfully followed your recommendations since then thru Julianne at Brokerone. Julianne and the firm have been fantastic, as has your newsletter. I fully understand the tough times your recommendations have had, but if it was easy, there would not be any opportunities to make money. Your service has been fantastic, and I am really enjoying the process ... I hope you have a successful and safe year, and I look forward to hearing more of your family experiences, not just the times when your son (is it Beau?) keeps you up all night!! G.B. Australia.


… as a very new comer and beginner in this costly business, your Daily alert is very helpful to determine global future market. I always print all your alert daily, and discuss with my very local broker (very small man!!) to be our reference when entering the market. I loss once two days ago when I predicted the Hang Seng to be down, but you said to buy!! H.D, Hong Kong.


… I think you are one of the few advisory which has an honest assessment and unabashed about it. Joseph. Singapore.


… I am very impressed with the newsletter and your services so far. S.L. Australia.


… I have been trading since 1997 and I have been trading full time since late 2001. My track record from 1997 to 2001 was probably like most part time novice traders, a few small wins punctuated by the occasional large loss which wiped out all the gains - and some!

I have always traded using some kind of system but my main difficulty was following the system. I was always trying to second guess the system and so had difficulty pulling the trigger, letting profits run and cutting losses quickly.

I realised that my own psychology and behavioural make up was the main problem and so I have been working on changing myself for the last 4 years. I have also continued to develop systems with some success.

I mainly trade the SPI and I have developed my own system which has a (hypothetical) 37% expectancy and generates one trade per day i.e. has high opportunity. Hypothetically it has done very well since 1992. I started trading it for real in January 2003 and as expected, real returns were less than those implied from back testing (probably due to curve fitting) but still considerable with an expectancy close to 25% after all costs, over that 2 year period.

 I continue to develop systems and I am currently working on a share trading system.

 I explain this so that you can put my comments in context. I find that testimonials lack value unless I know their source and the background of the person providing them.

Your website is the most honest and complete trading site I have yet come across. In the past, I have subscribed to many vendors for systems and trade recommendations and I have found few that are willing to put their COMPLETE track record to the test - even hypothetically. Most simply massage their results to omit losers or, more often, do not even provide any track record (these days, many "new" services have no real track record to provide). Many make vague recommendations and leave the trader to make up their own mind as to when to enter and exit, where to place stop loss orders and how much capital to risk etc.  Most seem to concentrate on trade entry and ignore all other aspects of successful trading. I congratulate you for going against the grain. Your trading instructions are clear and very specific and easy to implement.

I am also impressed that you use the concept of expectancy. I have read Van Tharp's book many times and have tried to integrate his principles into my trading at the emotional level. For example, I don't focus on my current trade or any individual trade. It's the overall expectancy that counts (if I keep telling myself that, eventually I'll believe it!!).

You also do not pull any punches regarding potential drawdown. I find it hard to take a string of losers. Even though I know that strings of losers are normal and the overall expectancy of my system will prevail, I can't help having that feeling of doubt when I take the next trade after 7 losers in a row ( my longest string of losers so far is 15). Unlike the roulette wheel, the market can change and it's that uncertainty which keeps me worrying.

Thanks again for your comprehensive and honest web site. M.H. Australia.


… I notice you have included on your morning emails a plain English explanation of the long term results of IndexALERT. I suspect you may be fielding some negativity over IndexALERT's performance of late (2007) so I thought I should let you know that I for one appreciate your efforts and believe that the long term performance of your mechanical system are exceptional and given the amount of effort we subscribers have to put in we are handsomely rewarded. Keep up the good work. P.D. Australia.


Disclaimer: Active trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all people. The high degree of leverage provided by futures can work against you as well as work for you. Before deciding to trade you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your risk capital and therefore you should not trade money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with active trading and seek advice from an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts. Past performance is no assurance of future performance.

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