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I released Idx24 in 2015.

Idx24 represents the collection of my preferred index trading strategies.

Although I did not formally name my preferred collection "Idx24" until 2015, the models existence and continuing evolution commenced in 2001 with my model IndexTrader (although back then I called it SpiTrader). However I was trading these patterns before I released them publicly in 2001. I first discovered and have been trading these patterns since 1998. The most recent evolution and addition to Idx24 was a new strategy in 2016.

Idx24 is the model behind IndexALERT's daily signal newsletter service. A daily newsletter I have been publishing since 2004.

Idx24 trades a portfolio of systems containing the following strategies;

- Strategy # 1: Released 2001. IAR - (IdxTrader modified) Breakout trend trading, asymmetrical, buy only.
- Strategy # 2: Released 2001. IAS - (IdxTrader modified) Mean reversion, asymmetrical, buy only.
- Strategy # 3: Released 2001. IAM - (IdxTrader modified) Mean reversion, asymmetrical, sell only.
- Strategy # 4: Released 2001. IAD - (IdxTrader modified) Mean reversion, asymmetrical, sell only.
- Strategy # 5: Released 2001: IAB - Mean reversion, symmetrical, buy and sell.
- Strategy # 6: Released 2008. IDXE - Retracement trend trading, symmetrical, buy and sell.
- Strategy # 7: Released 2009: IDXB - Breakout trend trading, symmetrical, buy and sell.
- Strategy # 8: Released 2014. IDXR - Mean reversion trend trading, symmetrical, buy and sell.
- Strategy # 9: Released 2016: IDXW - Breakout trend trading, symmetrical, buy and sell.

Idx24 is a 100% mechanical short-term trend and counter-trend (mean reversion) trading methodology.

Idx24 trades the main index futures throughout Asia, Europe and the US: SPI, Nikkei, Taiwan, Hang Seng, Dax, Stoxx50, E-Mini Nasdaq and E-Mini SP500.

Idx24 is only available from attending my educational Idx24 Workshop.

Please refer to my Workshop page for updates on when I hold this particular Workshop.

Alternatively for those who are time poor, traders can receive the daily signals by subscribing to IndexALERT.

Please note that IndexALERT only shares the entry, stop and exit instructions. It does not disclose the individual pattern and strategy set-ups.

Last updated*: 30th March, 2018.

Idx24's Hypothetical Performance* on a global index futures

* Please be aware these performance figures are hypothetical only, are in AUD and show the results of trading 1 futures contract per signal. Hypothetical results may under, or over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market conditions, such as but not limited to, poor liquidity, poor execution, competitive or expensive brokerage etc. There are no guarantees these performance figures will continue to behave in the future as they have in the past and accordingly you should expect the worst draw down to be in the future and is therefore unknown. Traders need to determine, with or without the assistance of a licensed financial adviser as to whether future trading opportunities supported by these hypothetical performance figures are appropriate for them given their particular needs, financial situation and investment objectives. Traders need to be very aware there is risk of loss in futures trading and that hypothetical, historic or actual results do not indicate future success.

Disclaimer: Active trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all people. The high degree of leverage provided by futures can work against you as well as work for you. Before deciding to trade you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your risk capital and therefore you should not trade money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with active trading and seek advice from an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts. Past performance is no assurance of future performance.

Under Chapters 6D and 7 of Australia’s Corporations Act 2001 I am authorised to carry on a financial services business to provide general advice on futures to Australian wholesale clients. Accordingly any opinions, conclusions and or other information expressed by myself do not contain personal advice. Visitors will need to with, or without the assistant of a person licensed to give personal advice, to determine whether any general advice expressed by myself is appropriate for them given their particular needs, financial situation and investment objectives.