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Here are some comments from emails I have received.

Hi Brent,
 … Just a bit of feedback for you: I can now trade IndexTrader, BBTT & Key Level independently of your newsletters (and I do shadow you), but I find it convenient to use your newsletters for forwarding to the Broker for the live trading.  My current newsletters are: IndexALERT (as a proxy for IndexTrader), ForexALERT (as a proxy for Key Level) and BBTT newsletters … Brent, it’s a credit to you that I’m looking at using all of your services.  Gemma (my wife) and I are very grateful for you helping us over the last few years – a big thank you. 
P.K. Australia.

Hi Brent, I really just want to thank you for your systems. Both Index alert and Forex alert have more than paid for themselves already, and its only 5 months in. I know there will be drawdowns in the near future (but shouldn’t be as bad as my XxxxxXxxxxSystems share account -45%!) – But I have already taken the cost of your reports out from the profits, as well as the cost for your seminar, so I'm very happy!. So thanks so much for making available your systems. Really appreciated, and cant wait for the seminar!
Warm regards, D.C. Australia.


Hi Brent, Just a short note to say how impressed I am with ForexAlert. I have been trading FX CFD’s for many years and I have to say the transparency of your recommendations and the simplicity of them is top rate. The fact that you also trade your recommendations I think is testimony to your belief in your trading model. Since receiving ForexAlert over the last few weeks I have watched with interest the outcomes of your recommendations and whilst not all of them have been winners it is obvious that you recommend more winners than losers. I have just today started to trade your ForexAlert recommendations today and I am confident that they will prove to be very profitable over time as your historical performance results have shown. I look forward to sharing in the success of your reports with you! Best Regards, Peter Rodwell, NSW, Australia.


Win or loss, following a proven trading system that provides objective entry and exit points for proper trade execution such as those in the ForexALERT newsletter is a start to a good trade. Recommended! Kelvin Tan, Kuala Lumpur, Australia.


I first came across Brent in 2005 after reading Trading the SPI – which I found was a great education for me in regard to trading futures. After reading Trading the SPI, and then meeting Brent, I decided to purchase IndexTrader and have been trading that system for the last 3+ years. As I work full-time, I was looking for a EOD mechanical system that was fairly easy to trade, was based on a verifiable methodology and also utilized sound money management practices. IndexTrader fitted the bill and I am still actively trading it today. As it is a “fully disclosed” system, the setups and triggers are fully explained. They are also easy to understand and implement; and of course Brent was always ready to answer any queries, etc. Like any system that one can trade, IndexTrader has had its up and downs. But a look at the system equity curve shows that the basis of it is very sound and matches the “hypothetical performance” statistics for the system. I feel that I am very lucky to have come across Brent, as he is approachable and is always ready to answer any questions regarding the trading of his systems. A great mentor to have! As well as IndexTrader, I also trade other systems that Brent has developed. BBTT for trading indexes, Key Levels for trading FX, as well as the ForexAlert newsletter. As with IndexTrader, BBTT and Key Levels for FX are fully disclosed systems that I have found easy to understand, implement, and trade, etc. As with all of Brent's systems, both BBTT and KeyLevels for FX appear to be based on a positive expectancy and utilise money management strategies. With ForexAlert, as it is a newsletter/subscription service, it is not fully-disclosed. However the beauty of this service is that there is nothing to do but trade the signals that Brent provides. And as with the other systems that Brent has developed, it seems to be based on a sound methodology and money management. Regards, Steve Smith, NSW, Australia.


Disclaimer: Active trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all people. The high degree of leverage provided by futures can work against you as well as work for you. Before deciding to trade you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your risk capital and therefore you should not trade money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with active trading and seek advice from an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts. Past performance is no assurance of future performance.

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